Friday, September 24, 2010

Magnetic Flowers for SALE!

For those of you who weren't able to make it out to the Logan Gift Show last spring, I've got great news....I'm putting my leftover inventory of magnetic flowers up for sale via this blog! These one-of-a-kind magnetic flowers cheer up any appliance (except stainless steel of course), metal filing cabinets, and magnetic wall boards. 

Each gift bag includes 3 individual magnetic flowers and 2 individual magnetic leaves so that you can arrange them in whatever type of floral arrangements you'd like. They come in a clear plastic bag tied with a silk, organza, or grosgrain ribbon along with a customized katemarki designs chartreuse green sticker on the back for $6.50 (no tax applies but we'll need to add applicable shipping). 

So, if you want a fun gift for you or someone else, just send me an email at: and I'll let you know how to send me a payment for your order. 

I also do custom orders based on any of the flowers shown below. When I run out of a certain one, I'll be sure to let you know and suggest the closest replacement. Feel free to make requests on the ribbon too....I'll try my best to arrange you the most perfect bouquet! 

BONUS: The first person to correctly predict this season's winner of Project Runway will win themselves a FREE magnetic flower gift bag. Submit your entry by leaving a comment on this post before the finale. Only one submission per person. Good luck! ;)


  1. I missed the last two shows so I had to go online to catch up and make sure I didn't choose someone who had already been voted off. It's looks like Mondo is the favorite and has the ability to come up the most creative and well constructed designs so I'm saying Mondo. Very clever of you to offer a design give away for my design opinion. I hope I win!

  2. I really really really love your flowers and I am going to be the one to WIN*********because I choose Christopher. He is staying rather quiet but I think he has a nice sense of style that appeals to the off the rack buyers. He doesn't get caught up in all of the strange interactions that are going on with this season of Project Runway. According to the internet there are rumors that Gretchen will be in the final group so we'll have to see because right now I can't see that happening. What about your chip tasting report? Did I miss week 13 and 14 or don't you want summer to end? Love ya - K

  3. I had to catch up online on the last couple of episodes. Oh the drama! I think that Mondo is going to win. His construction is great and he has such wonderful creative appeal! I don't know about Gretchen. Part of me feels like there is NO way she could last but part of me thinks that maybe they will go that direction if she puts it into high gear. I guess time will tell!