Monday, March 22, 2010


This past week was wonderful. It was one of those weeks when you lose track what day it is (like Calvin & Hobbs). It was so enjoyable because my husband was able to take a much needed break off from school and work. We played around with the idea of going down south for a little vacation, but with the weather as nice as it has been, we decided to just enjoy life minus all of the time it takes to pack-up all 3 of us!!!! 

We enjoyed life by eating out, watching recorded shows (some had been sitting in our DVR since Jan.), the JAZZ, going on walks, and celebrating St. Patty's day at our friend's party (thanks again grandad and grandmother for babysitting Benjamin!). 

To make things even better, Bart said these 6 simple words to me that meant more than an everyday i love you ever could. He said: "It just doesn't work without you." Hearing this made me tear up because I do what I do around here without a "paycheck" or an instruction manual...I do what I do just 'cause. 

Happy s p r i n g to every one. We're looking forward to more great weather and seeing all of the baby farm animals! ;)