Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cool finds in September

Libman Spray Mop $20 - $5 mail-in rebate
Where to find: any big box store, or some grocery stores

Why it's cool: This spray mop is not like the other mops. The cool thing about this mop (just like the commercial says...) is that you don't have to commit to also buying those expensive and wasteful pads for the bottom, or a specific brand of mop soap, or use batteries! You just detach the Velcro cotton textured pad and throw it in the washer, or hand wash. You also can put whatever kind of soap in it, like the organic floor cleaner that you made, or a nature-friendly brand without so many toxins. I love how this mop does not only saves you money, but is also better for the environment!

Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag $65
Where to find: Shapiro luggage and gift store at Fashion Place Mall, or online

Ameribag Microfiber Healthy Back Bag tote-Medium

Why it's cool: It's comfortable, very durable, easy to maneuver (especially while holding a toddler on your hip), super easy to clean, and holds way more than you'd ever expect due to lots of handy compartments. I've actually had this purse for awhile....funny story is that I bought it for myself right out of college after I found out that the job I had just landed in Chicago was going to have me train in NYC for a few months. Based on everything I had seen on T.V. about NY, I was worried about getting mugged and therefore bought this purse so that I could wear it across my chest and hug in front whenever on the subway. :O I know, what a dork!

St. Ives Soothing Lotion with Oatmeal & Shea Butter $5.50
Where to find: Any grocery store, or pharmacy

Why it's cool: It smells delicious, is fairly inexpensive, and is VERY moisturizing. Just what Utahn's need after a HOT summer!

Bahama Gripper Chair Pads $12.99
Where to find: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bahama Gripper® Chair Pad

Why it's cool: These are like heaven for your bottom. I am love with the durable weave material, soft foam cushion, and best of all, no more strings to tie in the back due to the ingenious rubber grippers on the bottom to hold them in place on any wood/plastic/metal surface (beware of toddlers who like to knock them off for fun though!). I was a little weary about the rubber gripper feature actually working, but they do, are very discreet (tan magically blends with everything- comes in other colors too) and look nice! I can't believe we had those terribly uncomfortable tufted chair cushions for so long....I thought that was my only option! After checking around online, I found these from Crate & Barrel that velcro, but for more than twice the cost! I was determined to finds some similar ones locally, and thankfully I was in luck! 

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