Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last KETTLE potato chip post...

unless I ever happen to come across the Tuscan 3 Cheese flavor. In case you have forgotten (I wouldn't blame you since I basically took a month hiatus from this taste-testing experiment), the last two flavors I have to review are Jalapeno and Tuscan 3 Cheese

I've been on the look out for the Tuscan flavor for awhile now and can't seem to find them anywhere in Logan, and even asked my parents to be on the look out for them in SLC, but so far they're NO WHERE to be found! I've written an email to Kettle about my problem in locating them, and will be sure to let you know if I hear anything, on second thought maybe this won't be the last Kettle potato chip post!

Now for the second to last flavor that I could find.....Jalapeno!

I was a bit intimidated by the word HOT written on the outside of the bag on a bright red pepper, but I knew this flavor was coming (like how I left it towards last?) and did eat one! To my surprise, it wasn't very hot!  So, overall I would say that these Jalapeno chips were fine, just not my fav. For a second opinion from someone who's a big time Jalapeno chip fan, I asked my husband what he thought of them and he said that he thinks that these are the BEST flavor of all the Kettle potato chips. I warned him that he's making quite the statement, but he has tried all of them along with me, so there you have it! When asked to rate them on my scale he gave them an impressive....9! 

 a FIESTA! in a bag
Kettle Brand® Jalapeño Potato Chips have a zesty, south of the border flavor. Striking a perfect balance between fresh, well-rounded flavor and the clean, spicy bite of jalapeño peppers, these all natural chips are easy to eat with a satisfying burn that sneaks up on you. Pair them with an ice cold cerveza and kick back with this festive, fiery flavor.

Thanks for joining me in this fun Kettle chip tasting experiment. Funny thing that I realized about half-way through this is that my favorite kind is actually the Krinkle-Cut (all flavors). There's only 5 of them, so yes, reviewing this type would've been quite a bit easier, but if I did that I don't think I would've ever ventured out and tried the Sweet Onion or the Yogurt flavors, which were both close seconds. I also got what I wanted in never being overwhelmed when I walk down an aisle of tempting Kettle chips again, so....mission accomplished!

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  1. Pretty sure that these would be my fave too...Andy and I are on a real Jalapeno kick these days. YUM!