Thursday, August 26, 2010

JJ Delivers!

Today I called up Jimmy Johns (aka JJ) and placed an order for one Veggie Club to be delivered. Delivered right to my front door even though we live less than 5 min. away from one. This marvelous idea came to me as I awoke from a nap with my son. There I lay with one of my arms still asleep under his head as my stomach impatiently growled. 

As I wrote yesterday, we absolutely NEED to go grocery shopping, but I think I must still be in vacation mode because I keep putting it off....after days of eating out I was beginning to crave food like lettuce and fresh veggies. Problem was my son and I crashed on a bed in our guest room, (not a place where I could leave him alone for very long) and like I said, I was VERY hungry. After months of practice, I was successfully able to squirm myself away to make my emergency phone call to JJ, and in less then 10 min. (JJ delivery is FAST!) I was greeted by a college kid angel on our doorstep. This JJ sandwich never tasted so good. I devoured it in between checking in on Benjamin and dancing around the kitchen. I also ate it with some of those Sea Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips with it and a big glass of ice water...Ummmmm...what a way to improve my day! 

You see today was also the day that our annoying neighborhood cat (I swear it doesn't have a home, it just mooches off of every one who feels bad for it) tried to chase down Benjamin. I normally don't have Benjamin outside without me RIGHT there by his side, but I was just doing a quick and simple task: empty out the remaining water in our cooler. Of course Benjamin scrambled outside the second I opened the door, but I was still watching him very closely. I watched him wander over to our neighbors side of the yard, watched him touch each of the poles to the trampoline, and watched as he walked underneath the trampoline. Then, right when I was almost done cleaning out the cooler, I heard the cat (I actually call it "The Evil Cat" because its evil black color, beady eyes, and overall sneaky disposition). If you couldn't already tell, I don't like cats and I don't think one has ever liked me. Maybe it's because one scratched me when I was younger, or maybe it's because they always seem too preoccupied with themselves, but I've accepted the fact that I am just NOT a cat person. This cat knows that and therefore does evil little things like jump inside my car (thankfully I was NOT inside when this happened), and now creepily approach my son. I quickly sprinted over to the tramp and crouched down to 3 feet to grab Benjamin out from under it. I caught him just in time as I glared back at The Evil Cat. Just as I thought we were in the clear, I extended my head and body up (hard to do with a 20 lb. baby in your arms) and....ouch! I went up too soon. We fell, and I scratched the back of my back. I made a quick recovery as I looked back again at the cat (who I swear was now laughing at me) and finally got us both back safely inside. I had mud on my pants and a little bit of blood on my back (Benjamin is completely fine), and declared it family nap time. Glorious nap time followed by a delicious sandwich speedily delivered to my doorstep. 

I hope The Evil Cat stops bothering us, but until then I think I'll add JJ to the phonebook in my cell phone....perhaps even speed dial? I also better go to the store now so that I can make us some homemade dinner tonight....even though JJ came to the rescue, I'm going to limit ourselves to one take-out indulgence per day before I get too used to food delivered by angels.


  1. Oh, this story made me laugh! There is nothing sweeter than a small victory in the life of a mom!

  2. I am not a cat person either. That being said, I have to dissect one in my Anatomy class in a few weeks and although I despise them, I am having a really hard time thinking that I have to cut one open...ewww!!
    On a much nicer note, I forgot to email you about In-n-out can order a grilled cheese (which I have heard is good, but never tried myself) or just order a "veggie burger". The first time I ordered one I just giggled to myself because it is in fact, just veggies. They are still SOOO good though because everything is so fresh and the sauce they put on it is super yummy. mmmm...I am totally craving one now!