Monday, August 30, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week Waiting...

I've decided to wait a little while before reviewing the LAST two flavors of Kettle Potato Chips. This decision came after.....

The realization that we have absolutely NO room to house anymore bags of chips. I can only buy each bag in a pretty large size, and even though they're delicious, my husband and I can only eat so much. I'm always offering them to whoever stops by, but nonetheless we still have a lot of opened bags hanging around.  

Summer seems to have left us early anyway, so my deadline to finish all by the end of summer is now more lenient. Plus, we had a BIRTHDAY BONANZA (will post pics of details soon) this past weekend for my son and I'm therefore in need of a break. Today's rain provided me with the perfect excuse to stay in my p.j.'s (I'm still in them now) and clear some things off my plate (aka chips out of our pantry!). So, I should be able to try and rate these last two out before the end of Sept. I've also got a interesting conclusion to add about this whole chip tasting experiment too, so hopefully you're all still with me! 

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