Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caribbean of the Rockies

Bart and I laughed out loud when we read that description of Bear Lake in a brochure we picked up last week during our family-of-3's first vacation. On a more serious note, we did learn from this brochure that the reason the lake has such a beautiful turquoise color is due to limestone at the bottom.

All in all we had a good time but wouldn't recommend the place that we stayed at (thumbs down to bearlakelodging.com). Picture fry sauce colored stucco and a carpet that had one too many parties and you'll sorta get an idea of the condo we rented. It did have a FANTASTIC view though. This below pic was taken from the back patio.

It's too bad that Bear Lake doesn't have better accommodations for smaller parties (aka people who aren't in need of a cabin that sleeps 20) because Garden City is a very quaint and friendly little town. We talked to more people (Benjamin is a people magnet) while waiting at La Beau's in one day then we have in a week here in Logan! 

I guess next time we'll try for the good old standby of the Blue Water Resort (formally Sweet Water) but that's where I spent a lot of our summers growing up, so I've really been looking for somewhere different. Somewhere charming and cute like that big blue mansion right by the gas station...The Inn At the Lake. Doesn't it sound and look like something right out of Anne of Green Gables? Well, I called that one and turns out you can only rent the ENTIRE house, not individual rooms. To quote their response: "It's all or nothing at The Inn At the Lake!" Nice motto.

Anyway- it's always nice to get away and who can beat just a 1 hr drive? We considered Jackson Hole, but that's pretty far for us with a little one, and we really do like being by the water. Plus, we hadn't had any Bear Lake raspberries yet, and those NEVER disappoint! Speaking of, I'm interested to know, who do you think has the BEST Bear Lake raspberry shakes...La Beaus or Quick n Tasty?


  1. La Beau's HANDS DOWN...well okay, I haven't had one at Quick n Tasty so it might be a bit biased :).

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit!