Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Project Runway SEASON 8...

starts tomorrow, and I can't wait! I wonder what these LONGER episodes that I've been hearing so much about will be like....only one more day until we find out. Sew exciting! (yep, I had to throw that in there)

Lifetime 9 p.m. ET/PT


  1. I love Project Runway and I love that McKell is from Utah. Have to support the hometown gal!

  2. SPOILER ALERT!********

    As soon as I heard McKell say she was from Utah, I was all for her too. Boo to yucky Casanova (for real?) who gave that snooty face when she said that. Anyway- I still am bewildered as to how an inside out blazer, a staple-gunned shawl, and a super sleezy swimsuit/sarong (he even admitted that) won out over McKell's dress. I really didn't think McKell's dress was that bad!

  3. Agreed! Randomly she was at a wedding I attended on Saturday (my friend's cousin) and I was able to tell her how stupid I thought it was that she was eliminated. I actually liked her dress and there were far worse designs and designers than her. I am just bummed they didn't give her a chance. Jury is still out on my fave designer this season.