Friday, July 30, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 9

This morning I watched a show on the History channel about potatoes (It was actually quite interesting). They even mentioned Kettle potato chips and gave a tour of their factory in Oregon. When they interviewed the President of the company he said this: "We believe every potato longs to become a Kettle chip" which I thought was cute (although, obviously biased). I also learned some of their secrets! The first is that they leave the skins on and the second is that they pick the potatoes with the oddest shape, as they say those two factors are what gives their potato chips the best flavor. 

This week was Death Valley Chipotle and it was a sizzler. It reminded me a lot of the BBQ flavor, but with that extra kick! My husband LOVED them, but since I'm such a spicy wimp, I can't say I'd buy them again. I love the taste of fry sauce (am I true Utahn, or what?) with just a bit of Cajun seasoning- but I've yet to find the right blend of that made by someone else. So, I give it a 6

The ULTIMATE pepper paradise

This 2007 People’s Choice Winner has got some heat! We mixed up a smoky blend of chili pepper, cayenne, chipotle, jalapeno and that hot mother of all peppers, the ornery little habanero. Then we added some subtle spice accents. And voila! Or, should we say “ay caramba!” With heat that’s slow to burn and full of flavor, this chip will leave you craving more. Wash ‘em down with something icy.

Next weeks flavor...Yogurt & Green Onion

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