Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 8

This week's flavor of Sea Salt is definitely safe. Not anything too sweet, too salty, or too greasy, just a nice safe potato chip. It actually reminded me of McDonalds french fries! I guess I was expecting some of that big salty texture of sea salt, and there isn't any on these chips. I therefore give them a 6. I think they would please a party crowd, just now WOW them like some of the other flavors do. 

Sea Salt

 Our original Lightly Salted just got better! We now use sea salt in our recipe to provide a more natural alternative to regular salt. The sodium content has not changed, and you'll still find the same great Kettle Brand® flavor that you know and love. 

Next weeks' flavor....Death Valley Chipotle (appropriate for the last week in July don't ya think?)

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