Friday, March 12, 2010

Reality Show Wrap-Up!

While I was totally wrong about my early prediction of Chris winning last season of Project Runway, I dare say that I am now ready to pick who I think the winner will be this season.....JAY! Is he not THE cutest?! I love his slouchy style of v-necks and shorts, bright colors (worn the right way), and funky hair. His fashion style is daring and his workmanship is impeccable. I couldn't help but smile when he offered to help out Ben (his sad sad shark tooth creation was definitely ship wrecked!) because he totally represents how you can be all that and NICE! His true personality is a refreshing change from the many other reality star wannabes who say the tired line of: "I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to win." When he wins, it will prove you CAN get to the top while being CONSIDERATE and THOUGHTFUL towards others. I can also tell that he's really worked hard for this his whole life. I'm soooo rooting for you JAY!

Bachelor Wedding. Couldn't SOMEONE come up with a plan B for bad weather? I stopped listening to anything they were saying while they were exchanging their vows and found myself thinking about things like- I hope her make-up doesn't run....have they taken their bride & groom pics yet?, Jason's suit jacket is SOAKED.....she must be freezing. With a place that nice, and full staff of wedding planners, I really wonder why they didn't move that show indoors. I bet Jillian & Ed's wedding will be PERFECTION~ (Jillian always looks so stylish!) but I hope they don't sell out by broadcasting such an intimate day to the world. Wait, then what would I do with my inquiring mind and spare time?

The below Bachelor commentary came from this blog. I don't know her personally, but found her link when searching for Shabby Apple Dresses. It had me ROLLING with laughter. SO right on! 

  • v-trash (vienna) is the girl who dotted her i's with a heart. 
  • jake stole his tie from the guy on the ITT tech ads.
  • audra: "he just thinks he's perfect when really he wants to be naughty!"
As for the season finale of Guiliana & Bill, I hope they get good news. Expecting a baby is such an exciting adventure, a real dream come true! 

Okay, back to my own life now....we're really hoping the weather is nice out tomorrow for the St. Patricks Day Parade in SLC, and that I can brake my recent addiction to Girl Scout Cookies!  Samoas are definitely my all time my favorite cookie!!!!

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