Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decorating Inspiration

I had the chance to run to Target while in the "big city" for a day with my husband and son. Since we were already soaked from the St. Patty's parade (now that is one show that COULD NOT be moved indoors) and unsure about what the weather up north would be like, we had to make mama's (that's me) errands quick, but this was before I knew that the Target in Midvale has been re-designed!!! 

I don't know how anyone could fail to tell me that it now has a snappy new layout, cool one-handed hand baskets, curvy new push carts and a STARBUCKS! I tried to stay as focused as possible by repeating: LAMPSHADES, LAMPSHADES, LAMPSHADES (the reason I was there) to myself, but I couldn't help but peek down all of the other aisles on my way to the home decor section. Ahhhh, nothing like affordable and cute decor to inspire my creative design juices! 

On my way to check-out (my least fav. part) I got a little sad since I was quickly reminded by how long it will be until I'd be able to return again, and how I took having a Target as our next door neighbor (we used to live right in the heart of Midvale) for granted. I therefore decided to write to Target headquarters with this letter:

Dear Target,

I can not express how much I LOVE shopping in your store. Every time I walk in to one I can't help but feel an exciting burst of energy, followed by a rush of new ideas, and an all-encompassing glow of happiness. 

The sad part is my family lives in Logan, Utah which is located an hour away from the closest store in Riverdale, Utah. I (along with many other Logan residents) would be ecstatic if a Target would open up here, (or somewhere within Cache Valley). 

The population of Logan has been growing steadily over the past few years, many of which are design savvy women with growing families, so I'm sure a store here would do VERY well. 

Thank you for your time, and for possibly considering northern Utah as a location prospect for your next store.

- Kate

Other design inspiration this week comes from HGTV's sarah's house. Oh my gosh she is divine and I love her Canadian accent. Her sidekick, Tommy is funny too. While her design style is very bold, she makes each of her spaces VERY interesting and inviting. I enjoy following her journey of re-designing/decorating each room of her demo. If only my design budget was as big as hers!  :O

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