Monday, November 2, 2009

BEST baby blankets

I'm posting this for Bart since I've already done two blogmercials for my favorite baby stuff, and Bart has commented more than once on how much he likes these blankets for our son. They really are that fantastic! With our baby being born in the summer, I was worried about him getting too hot, so I found these lightweight blankets from Australia by Aden & Anais (

Because they're made out of muslin (finely woven cotton) they're breathable, perfect for babies who like to be swaddled (they're shaped in the perfect square unlike Carters receiving blankets), or for babies (like Benjamin) who are naturally very warm and wiggly and get uncomfortable when wrapped too tightly in a heavier fabric that doesn't give as well. They also get softer and softer after each wash!

I found ours (come in a set of 4 for $44) at Babies R Us, but just saw them at Land Of Nod too.

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