Friday, September 25, 2009

Women's Rights

When I read articles about the inequality of women in other countries, I am quickly reminded of how lucky I am to be a woman in the U.S.
It's too easy to take for granted the rights that past women have fought for, so I hope this post serves as a reminder that there are women in other parts of the world right now in 2009 who still don't have the freedom, independence and respect that they deserve.
Here's a excerpt from a recent article featured in that points out how the mandatory dress code of women in parts of Africa really controls more than just what they wear:
"Women in Buganda are expected to wear long skirts. So what’s the big deal? defenders of such traditions ask. It’s just a skirt, after all. No, it’s more than just a question of choosing to wear a skirt or pants. Behind this choice stands the choice to do many other things as well: choose a partner, a career vs. (or in conjunction with) motherhood, a place of residence, a political party, a religion – in fact, just about anything that women in Western countries take for granted. Until women are granted the right to choose the clothes they wear on their backs (and over their legs), they will not be free to choose a self-determined life in dignity. But isn't that the whole purpose of women's dress codes in the first place? "

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  1. I appreciated reading this article. Thanks for posting it.