Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fun Teacher Gifts

School started this week for us! Could I get a virtual high five for surviving a summer with 3 young ones under the age of 5?  I send one out to all of you who are also in the same boat....a sometimes very rocky and unpredictable boat. ;) From what I can remember of it (funny how those past 3 months can turn into such a blur) we went to the park a lot. I even earned myself a blister on one of my hands from all of the jogging I did with Elyse! I've never been a great runner, so this was pretty big for me. I hope to keep it up for the next couple of months while we still have the good weather....I love what a great energy booster exercise is! Anyway- with school back in session, I like putting on my creative hat to think up some fun, thoughtful, easy, and inexpensive teacher gifts. Below are some shots of what I came up with (also click here for one done in years past).....

Teacher stamps and burlap sack, Target (placemats shown in background are also from Target!)
Rainbow Color Box stamp pad, Michaels
Chalkboard clothespin sign, Michaels
Giftcard to Apple Spice Cafe

Favorite quotes from Benjamin's teacher ~ "Kindergarten requires patience. Lots and lots of patience." and "I believe in teaching above the child's level as children will rise to the occasion!"

Almond Joy candy bar and the saying "Grant is so "JOY"ful for Preschool!"
Chalkboard clothespin sign, Michaels

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  1. These are SO cute! High five on surviving summer, it was a crazy one here!