Monday, September 1, 2014

Creamy Yellow + Calendar Art + Yummy Sandwich

As this post title states- I have lots to share today! 
But so I don't ramble, the overall theme will be kitchen + food. But not just any kitchen, OUR NEWLY RE-PAINTED KITCHEN. This is a big deal seeing how before this little project the only painting I had ever done before was my nails. Okay, still the only painting I've ever done is my nails. Thank you handyman husband~ Bart!  
The color we chose is called: WESTON FLAX by Benjamin Moore but the kind of paint we used is called Pure Performance (PP) in Eggshell finish since I'm a bit paranoid about any kindof smells/chemicals/fumes. For those of you like me, PP paint is awesome because it has ZERO VOC. That's right, ZERO. As stated by the guy at the paint store (aka- my good friend), it's what they use in hospital rooms....SOLD! 

Back when I was studying interior design (myoldcollegedays), I remember hearing that Benjamin Moore (BM) was a good kind of paint. But after talking to my good friend (aka paint store employee) I learned about the PP line, so as shown previously on this wall with all of our paint samples, we originally thought we'd go with one of the PP shades (either Tuscan Sun or Butter Cookie). But no, Tuscan Sun was way too dark for us (reminded us of baby poo!) and Butter Cookie didn't have that depth we were looking for...(remember I warned you, I can go on and on and on about paint colors). So, I went back to the paint store, that's when my friend told me about the option of selecting a color from another paint line but using the PP kind of paint. GENIUS. 

Well, after staring for a good while at Benjamin Moore's yellows, I was still a bit unsure so my friend found a wood sample very close to the color of our existing cabinets since that is really the main color in the space (unfortunately) and what our newly painted walls will be so close to = DOUBLE GENIUS because once I saw the yellows next to the wood, I was quickly able to narrow it down to either Hawthorne Yellow or Weston Flax. After returning home with those samples, we tried them both and really liked them both! Hmmm, decisions,, we did what we do with a lot of our life dilemmas and referred to our kids. Hands down, Weston Flax was the winner. 

We're loving it because it has a certain creaminess and softness about it (our awful fluorescent light does not do it justice in these photos) and flows nicely into the rest of our home's plain white interior. I also liked how it's part of Benjamin Moore's Historic Collection, fitting we feel since our home was built in the 80's. Ha ha.

Now I know what you're all thinking - painting the perimeter of our outdated kitchen is really not that dramatic of change. 

Yes, you're right. 

Shall I introduce you to our dream?
AKURUM kitchen with LIDINGÖ grey doors/drawers/glass-doors and NUMERÄR solid beech countertop
 both found here IKEA 2015 Catalog

A well-planned kitchen complete with an island
SO, one day yes we do plan to undergo a full kitchen remodel in the colors of creamy yellow, white, gray, and black (click here for my may recognize the 5x7 version already hung on our wall by our microwave). 

Good news is our kitchen is not very big, which is actually what I prefer at this stage in our lives (kitchen islands/bar stools + climby kids have never worked out well for us in our previous  homes). We therefore thought it couldn't hurt to get a quote from a local cabinetry company and for our entire kitchen to get redone in solid maple + gray painted cupboards (it's offiical: I'm obsessed with GRAY cabinetry), we're looking at about $6,500 (that includes complete removal of our existing cabinets and install of the new ones). Once we add on new counter tops, back splash, sink, and recessed lighting we're thinking it will be a little over $10,000. Which isn't all that bad relatively speaking, but too far out of our price range right now. But, now that we know this is something we both really, really want (we bought this home for its location and  backyard compromising with the outdated kitchen) we're starting up a kitchen savings fund and hope to be there in about 2-3 yrs. Until then, I really liked watching this video on Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates from Lowes....who knew something as simple as clearing off our counter tops could make such a difference!

Now for my idea of turning an old calendar into instant artwork...

 First you find an old calendar that you like the artwork from (I so wish I could share the artist for this was a gift to me from etsy with no artist signature ANYWHERE on it. :(.

 Then you buy some simple black frames (I like these 5x7 back insert kind since you don't have a back display flap to worry about. Found them at Walmart for only $2 a piece).

Then you cut off any signs of the date stuff around the image.

Then you put into your frames with the existing mat and take them into a framing shop asking them to cut you new mats in a custom size to properly frame the image and fit inside the frame. HOBBY LOBBY did mine for super cheap at only $4 per mat.

And voila, there you have it- re-usable artwork with custom mats in simple black frames for only $6 per piece! 

Still here?

Drooling yet over my yummy sandwich lead in?

Well, I will promise you that it was worth waiting for. Speaking of waiting for, the new HERBERGERS is finally set to open next week!!! So glad to have a department store here in town again. Also opening soon is a super cool new cafe/hot spot up on campus called MORTY'S. Love all of their vegetarian options....and the sound of their fries and shakes.....YUM!

photo credit
When my husband first tasted this easy peasy but DELICIOUS sandwich made by me (btw- found the recipe for it in one of those Smiths Marketplace mailings) I believe his words were "This sandwich is a slam dunk Kate!" or "This sandwich is a home run Kate!" I can't exactly remember since I was so blissfully enjoying bite after bite of it myself....but, since both athletic achievements are equally amazing and this sandwich is worthy of being compared to both, I'm re-naming it as:

The Slam Run Sandwich Of The Summer

Here's how you slam it. Or run with about any way you get it your mouth, you'll be happy.

Buy some fancy white bread (I think thinner sliced works better for this sandwich btw- making it open faced is optional)
Put a little mayo on it
A couple slices of Havarti cheese 
Some mixed salad greens and chopped green onion
A nice big tomato slice
Salt and pepper
Drizzle some Balsamic Vinegar over it (I like Newman's Own brand)

Okay, that's it from me this Labor Day weekend. My Handy Man of a husband is now currently in the process of painting our upstairs guest bathroom (which also involved removing MORE wallpaper!) and installing a new light fixture, mirror, and bath accessories....pretty exciting. And, thanks to a $25 off coupon I'd been hoarding from Lowes, we got the entire project in at $350. But that's it for us on the remodeling front for the rest of the year (Bart made me promise ;O). 

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  1. Your kitchen is SO cute! And those pics are totally my dream kitchen, too. Farmhouse sink, tile backsplash, etc. Our new kitchen is pretty small and so far, so good, but I am dreaming of something HUGE and open and less galley! :)