Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter!

I've always thought of Easter as a happy and fun sort of holiday. Probably because it's in the spring (my favorite season) and involves cheery shades of pastels, baskets, fancy clothes, baby animals, eggs, and candy- what's not to like? 

We've been doing fun little things for our boys over the past couple of years but this year I wanted to put together a basket for each of them. BUT- I'm not big on giving kids candy. Sure, little bits here and there are fine, but I prefer for them to think of things like animal crackers, fruit snacks, and granola bars as their "treats." Kinda like how in the olden days kids would get something like an orange and be elated. SO- I thought I'd share the goodies (see bottom of post for a detailed list of their contents) that I found for their baskets with only 1 candy item in each. We'll of course still do an Easter egg hunt with the mandatory jelly beans and Robins eggs but with just one candy in each egg!!!

I also thought I'd share how cute I thought Paper Source's bunny garland turned out. It was pretty easy to do (although each of their little cotton tails do require 2 ZOTS to properly adhere).

As well as original artwork from my boys and I (in case you can't tell, they are eggs).

And a close-up of my second favoritest flower....Ranunculus. Available for only $7.99/bunch at Lee's. I bought these over a week ago and they're still looking fabulous!

Also had to do matching ties for our boys from here....are they not just the most charming little boy accessories ever?!

Easter Basket Contents
(I should mention the total for all of these goodies only cost $9/10 per basket!)

Baskets + stuffing.....around the house (meaning we already had)
Orange carrot sacks filled with Reeses......Smiths Marketplace (700 N.)
Bendy Bunnies.....Smiths Marketplace (700 N.)
Easter puzzle in an Egg.....Smiths Marketplace (700 N.)
Dudley Egg Holder.....Smiths Marketplace (700 N.)
Wooden Paddle + Ball.....Smiths Marketplace (700 N.)

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter weekend! 

p.s. If you'll be spending the holiday in Logan, be sure to check out my friend's site for a list of all the local egg hunts.

p.s.s. I really liked the Easter themed movie Hop. Oh, and my boys did too. ;)

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  1. Fun! We put one M&M in our eggs for the kids-- they always know they can sneak a little chocolate at Grandma's house! :) They got new swimsuits so they are excited about that! Hoping I can get B to love the pool this year!