Friday, February 17, 2012

Makin' It Through

illustration credit to Matt Wentworth

I must say that I think we've been makin' it through this too-cold-to-go-out-but-not-enough-snow-to-play-in weather pretty well. Things that have bringing smiles lately are....

  • the fact that children WILL do SOMETHING in the day that brings a smile. Seriously! I dare you to spend an afternoon with a child and not smile at least once. I came to that certainty the other day and have been thinking about it many other things can that be said about?
  • curls sprouting up our youngest one's lil' head. Just when we thought he couldn't get any cuter!
  • benjamin telling me that I'm Maid Marian from Robin Hood (i consider this quite the compliment, especially since yesterday I was Cowsie Cow). In case you're wondering, he's Robin Hood (of course), Grant is Lil' John (the Disney one) and Daddy is Friar Tuck (sorry Bart). 
  • my wonderful husband cooking dinner many, many nights throughout the week and agreeing with my suggestions for take-out on all the other nights. (j/k...i really do cook....sometimes).
  • our babysitter asking to interview my husband and I for her college child development class. "Of course!" I said. Later my husband said~ "Are we the examples of good parents or the bad ones?" "Ohhh...." I said. Turns out we were the good ones! Phew. ;)
  • 25 check-out limit for library books. FINALLY a solution to my children's book obsession. 
  • President's Day holiday + mother-in-law visiting = bart + kate date. Bad joke coming....Absolutely presidential! Ha ha.
  • hearing benjamin sing his abc's. I don't care how many times I hear it, or if some of you take this as me bragging about him being a smarty pants, we think it's pretty dang cool.
  • friends over tonight for a little party filled with sweets galore, sure-to-be laughter, leftover red, white and pink heart decor....who could ask for anything more?

Hope you all have a fun weekend. We're hoping to do some camera shopping...wanting to upgrade to something better for awhile....figure our rapidly growing kids are the perfect reason to act now!

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