Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome Home

I'm happy to announce that we're all done decorating our new place! 
Well, I suppose one can never be ALL done with anything, but done for now and very happy with how everything fits together and functions well for our family. Plus, the location can't be beat! When defining the style of our home, I describe it as inviting, clean, and comfortable. I'm inspired by pops of color and modern touches and have an appreciation for mixing patterns and styles as long as the space doesn't look too cluttered and still functions appropriately. 

"A place for everything and everything in its place."
- Benjamin Franklin

I've decided to split up these interior pictures into 3 posts....first one of the main floor, second of Benjamin's big boy room, bathroom, and laundry room, and third one of master bedroom/Grant's nook, and office/playroom. I've also done an additional post for the main floor individually highlighting specific areas that showcase my space planning, toy storing, and easy decor solutions that I've achieved in our small efficient space. I always find it fun to take a peek inside homes. Hope you too enjoy!

View from garage entry. Entire main floor is all dark hardwood. 

View from dining room. Loving these picture ledges (above our TV). Saw them here first, but saved us $80 and bought them from IKEA!

The larger door (love the 5-paneled doors) is entry to our garage and the door to the left of that is our pantry.  Love the banister and thick white baseboard trim all through out. 

Since bar stools are a bit of a safety hazard for children, we instead inserted our old coffee table for Benjamin underneath the counter. He often uses to stand on while helping out in the kitchen. Doubles as storage for some of Grant's toys as well. Not a big fan of the light fixture, but no luck in getting our landlord to make changes there. The chain is gathered at the top because it originally was hung very low....not good when often holding small, curious children.

As you can tell in previous pics, this handy dandy armoire houses our home office. Although it was NOT fun to get back down the stairs (thankfully Bart came up with a genius idea of taking off the doors and the top, which made it much lighter), we're loving having it downstairs (no more running up and down the stairs to print off recipes, or pay bills, etc...), as well as the option for it to be closed off when needed.

 View of the kitchen coming down the stairs.

View from the stairs into the main living area
(click here for details on our window treatments).

Hallway on the way to the powder room.

One of my favorite little spots. 

Downstairs half bath (powder room). It also has a door to the left that goes into a little under-the-stairs-storage-space. Great spot nearby the kitchen/dining area to house all of our crafts.

Living Room
Couch, chair and ottoman: Broyhill from U&I Furniture Co. (Logan local)
Area Rug: TJ Maxx
Media Console: Downeast Outfitters

Rugs: TJ Maxx and IKEA
Baskets: Michaels

Rugs: Kohls
Artwork: Gifts, and Target

K, that's it for the downstairs...see you upstairs later on this week!

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