Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boyish Boys

I came across this picture today and stopped. Not only do I love Impressionism, but I love the way this artist (Frank Weston Benson) captured the rugged, handsome, boyish innocence of these two young men. For those of you with girls~ there's also a book featuring him entitled: Little Girls In Matching Dresses. Sounds adorable!

Our two sons have just now started to really play together and it's brought us such pleasure to know they'll forever have each other. Some one to play catch with, take a bath with, get into mischief with, laugh and share jokes with. A friend to grow up with. So even though I spend my days hoping they don't get into too much trouble...it's worth it all because they're not only close in age but close at heart.

Here's the latest on what our b o y s are up to these days!

Benjamin Leroy 
26 months
Opens up the fridge, and hands me a stalk of broccoli to prepare for him. (I love that he loves his veggies; I keep saying that we've already got another vegetarian in the family!).
Answers "2!" when asked how old he is or what his name is.
Walks around with a bag filled with all of his very important things and takes it with him to work, or school....you know, all the places he sees his daddy go.
Says lots of two-word phrases.
Points out all colors. Correctly.
Wiggles his whole body when he hugs.
Stacks the tallest towers of Duplos (the tallest I've ever seen that is).
Lines up all his cars in neat little rows.
And my favorite...pronounces the Yoga phrase: Namaste "Mommy's day." (I found Jr.Yoga on Comcast's OnDemand, so we do together every night before bed. It really does make my day!).

Grant Thomas
6 months
Crawling all over the place.
Outgrowing lots of clothes. Really fast!
Takes super cute pictures.
Tries to pull himself up on our pant legs, stairs, or furniture.
Has two bottom teeth (just noticed them today!).
Loves knocking down Benjamin's Duplo towers, laughing, and playing with his brother.
Happily kick, kick, kicks in the bath (think he'd be perfectly content to live in the tub!).
After naps he's ready to jump out of his crib (good thing we just lowered it).
Graduated from the Activity Mat to the Jumparoo! 

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