Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Bit O' Luck

My lovely parents gifted my husband and I tickets to the musical My Fair Lady at Hale Theater. It was so delightful- even my husband enjoyed it! It came about since we just happened to be in SLC that weekend (okay, maybe I did drag us all down there for one last trip to IKEA- but now ALL of our new home decorating is complete!), but we did feel rather lucky to get such good seats (okay, EVERY seat at Hale Theater is good seat, but these were PERFECT), as well as the last two seats available on a Saturday night! 

Oh how we love outings in the big city and wonderful grandparents to care for our children- couldn't be any more lucky than that!

p.s. just found out here that H&M's grand opening in SLC is 11-11-11!   
It will have the following departments: womens, mens, kids, and young (teens).

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