Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Festivities

What a busy week! Here's some of the ways we've been celebrating fall, family, and friends.

Made this organic FALL sign out of sticks and leaves and recycled cardboard at the Stokes Nature Center.  They also had strips of paper for kids to make leaf headbands by stapling on leaves. Another fun craft for kids can be found here. I made it for my 2-year old and he loved it!  

Threw this fun fall party for my girlfriends. I didn't know many people when we first moved here, so having found a group of gals to have monthly girls nights, lunch dates, and play group with our kids (coincidentally we all have 2, and all are within a year or less of one another) has been so great. I feel so lucky to know each of them and really look forward to whatever outing we have planned. For this party, I made these easy peasy 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies, and butterscotch-chip brownie bites (just a brownie box mix + butterscotch chips). I let Papa Murphys do the pizza, and the season of fall provide a theme for the decor (in case you're interested- brown tablecloth shown in above right pic was found at Smiths Marketplace. Love the modern print and how easy it is to wipe clean...perfect for a party of any sort really!) Clear bags with a festive ribbon made for yummy take-home-treats and the game of HOOPLA was the perfect source of entertainment!

A visit to Paradise Valley Orchard was heaven like. After learning the previous owners sold it, I was hoping the new owners would still keep it open to the public, and thankfully they are, you just have to call and make an appt. Our family had such a lovely time~ so so cute to see our 2-year old picking apples from a tree just his size. Doesn't get any more wholesome than that! We truly love this area of the valley and the simplicity of farm life. Both Bart and I stopped and sighed when taking in this breathtaking landscape...

gorgeous, right?

Hope this post provides you with some fun ideas to celebrate fall~ have a great weekend!


  1. Hey! I bought that same tablecloth! It was nice to find a vinyl tablecloth that didn't have a cheesy pattern!

  2. Kate- if you don't already use Pinterest, you would LOVE it.

  3. No, I don't but have heard lots of great things about it!

  4. I love our fun girl's nights! Thanks for hosting! I wish we could have made it up to the Nature Center for Parent-Tot parents came up at the last minute and we went to the pumpkin walk instead :) Looks like you had a fun weekend!!!