Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out for a Date! (part 1)

We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary by trying out some restaurants we've never been to before. The first was with our family of 4 at Casper's Malt Shoppe in Providence, Utah (585 W. 100 N.). I took notice of this place after moving down to the south end of valley, and was hopeful that it would be the cute old-fashioned ice cream shop that I wished it to be....I'm here to tell you that it most definitely is from the antiqued tin ceiling to the vintage mosaic tiled floor. Both my husband and I couldn't stop staring at the cool artwork, comfy leather booths and bar stools, and authentic glass serving pieces. Even the servers wore vintage style waitress uniforms making it feel as if we took a step back in time. 

Unfortunately, as much as we loved the decor, we weren't very impressed with our desserts. I got an apple pie ala mode (on the table to the left), which was a smaller serving than I was expecting with nothing fancy to it. Later I learned that they get their pastries from Sams Club....wonder what June Cleaver would have to say about that! 

My husband got a chocolate malt which was too rich and too heavy on the malt mix. One happy customer was my son who got a scoop of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles- couldn't go wrong there! So even though what my husband and I got weren't great, we're not ready to rule them out completely for a re-visit...we just won't be ordering a malt or any pastry. That still leaves lots of flavors of shakes, waffle cones, dipped cones, regular ice cream cones, and specialty ice cream bars. They also have a drive-thru and are open pretty late. I believe their weekday hrs are from 12-10 p.m. and weekends until 11 p.m. (till midnight in the summer). And since they're located right across from the Providence 8 Theater, you can stop in after a show, or for some food for thought...

Quote featured on a wall of Casper's: "The sweetest experiences in life are not to be had when we have solved all our problems. But when we are involved in the problem solving process."  

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