Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lots of Newness!

First off was the move into our NEW home. We're loving all NEW appliances, NEW carpet, and even a NEW big boy bed for our eldest! We've now officially un-packed our last box (last weekend- yippee!) but have yet to finish up all the decor. I'm one of those people designer types who hates to see an unfinished room - much less live in one, so hopefully I'll get to the finishing touches and the taking and sharing of pics soon!

Next are all the NEW places open/opening here in town. Nikkol from the blog, Bliss (same blog that I'll be contributing to) listed these fun boutiques. In addition to her list is this new furniture shop in place of the old Hollywood Video. I've yet to go in to check out any of their stuff, nor have I heard anything about it, but after recently seeking new furniture ourselves, can tell you that another furniture store in Logan can't hurt! Kneaders is also soon to be....1675 N. Main St. I'm very excited for this one because I LOVE freshly made sweets- especially their raspberry bear claws: beware of how addicting they are! Another construction site that I've noticed is next to Little Ceasars on 1400 N. and Main St....if anybody knows what it's going to be, do tell!


  1. Oh I love Kneaders! that is exciting!

  2. Can I write on your blog yet? Testing one two three..... This is Tami

  3. How awesome! I bet B loves his big boy bed! :) And congrats on the blog contributing gig! I can't wait to read! :)