Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eeek...A Woodchuck!

BEWARE: this critter may look harmless, but unfortunately likes to make homes under the hoods of cars! We found this out first-hand about a week ago when my husband's car wouldn't start. He later noticed a bunch of wires all around the pavement and when he lifted up his hood- found this pesky guy nestled inside. :O I'd heard of cats wanting to get warm during the colder months under car hoods, but a woodchuck? Really? In the middle of the summer? Seemed totally random to us but after talking to the car repair shop, they said they get a car in for repairs due to a woodchuck about every month or so! I guess the critters think the car wires are sticks?! 

In conclusion to our story, Bart tried to get him out with a broom, but no luck. We later decided to call Animal Control but being the animal lover that I am, asked NOT to find out what happened to him. My husband has since assured me that nothing sad occurred. So- here we are a tow truck and a $1,000 worth of damage (he ate out the entire electrical panel) later. THANKFULLY our insurance is covering the whole thing and we can both share my car for the meantime, but as for whether or not this could happen again- who knows! We actually think he came from my husbands work (he works right by a river where we've seen them before)....guess it goes to show anyone can have an uninvited house car guest!

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  1. OH my goodness, what a crazy story! I probably would have flipped out if I would have seen it just nesting inside!