Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool Finds in May

Here's my list of cool finds this month. 
Going forward, I think I'll cut these down to per season. Enjoy!

Peanut & Ollie Toddler Boy Fleece Active Hoody
Peanut & Ollie 
Here in Target-less Logan, cute casual clothes can be hard to come by...especially for kids. Our favs are Old Navy, Ross, and TJ Maxx, but occasionally I'll browse through Shopko's kid section and so far have been happy with the quality and fit of the brand Peanut & Ollie. They have affordable, plain basics like elastic wasted pants and shorts, and sporty hoodies. 
Love the name too! :)

Image 1
Strider Balance Bike
We've yet to find out if this first-time bike will help our son learn how to ride a real bike (notice how this one doesn't have any pedals) when he's older, but it caught both my husband and my attention with the name "Balance Bike." I believe it's for 2 year olds and up, but after the birth of our second child, my husband really wanted this for our eldest son's (20 mon.) big brother gift. Strider claims that their bike will prevent the need for either a tricycle or training wheels, and we both thought it looked super cute, so we got it for our son and so far he's been handling it great (he makes a vroom vroom sound whenever we say the word "bike"). You can find online Toys R Us or Target, but we wanted to buy local, so we purchased from 
Sunrise Cyclery here in Logan. 

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet
 Most kid helmets only start at age 3, but thankfully my husband found this one which fits perfectly on our son's head (we bought for him at 20 months) and super easy to adjust to larger sizes over time. We also like how the clasp is magnetic so you don't have to worry about pinching your child's precious chin skin! Their motto is: i love my brain (super cute, right?) and comes with it printed on a Lance Armstrong style bracelet for your kid to wear as they ride in style...our son even wears it indoors while riding his wooden horse! We found online here.

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  1. Did you see the Super Groupon yesterday for $30 at Old Navy for $15?