Monday, March 21, 2011

Getaway to Midway

My husband and I did something sporadic and fun this past weekend...
we dropped off our son at grandad's and grandmother's (as well as the care of his Aunt Jenna) and took a little getaway to....The Blue Boar Inn, a romantic and enchanting Bed & Breakfast nestled in mountains of Midway, Utah.

The staff was unbelievably attentive and friendly, the ambiance was just lovely, and all of the food and other hospitality details were delicious and decadent ~ all reminding us of the luxurious and cozy Abigail's Inn (shown below), the Bed & Breakfast that we stayed at during our honeymoon in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Like Abigail's, The Blue Boar Inn offers scrumptious food (including a gourmet breakfast with your stay). Our room also had a complimentary fruit and cheese plate and Figi water (love those water bottles), as well as a spa soaking tub, fireplace, and pretty view of the mountains. We were also pampered with thoughtful little touches such as these....

A darling stuffed boar (which we purchased at the end as a take-home gift for Benjamin), a red rose (I often joked with my husband how parts of our trip felt like an episode of The Bachelor!), plush robes, and a little booklet filled with poems from various authors and poets (to go along with the theme of all of the rooms). This little set-up occurred while we were downstairs at dinner so it was an unexpected surprise for both of us upon our return!

They also left a couple of C.Kay Cummings chocolate mints (coincidentally the EXACT same ones we gave to our guests as thank yous at our wedding).

Close up of our pewter room key that I just had to photograph!

This short little getaway was beyond wonderful and in perfect timing before our second child arrives. We also considered this a pre-celebration to our upcoming 
30th birthdays...for those of you who didn't know, my husband and I were born in the same astrological sign, month, and year- just 6 days apart from one another! 

Whether you and your loved one have a special event coming up, or are simply looking for a nice and relaxing getaway here in Utah, we both HIGHLY recommend The Blue Boar Inn. We're already looking forward to our next trip there and even talked about staying in a different room each time. ;)


  1. That sounds wonderful! Brandon and I could totally use a weekend away like that, and I am sure Mr. B had a great time with his grandparents!

  2. I'm jealous. So glad you guys could do that. Sounds like it was a great getaway.

  3. Oh man, just what the Dr ordered. A day our along before there are no more days alone. I love midway. Its different.

  4. That sounds like a great time! Heb and I will have to try it out sometime!

  5. We will have to check that place out! We did a little get-away a month or so before Nicole was born and it was just what I needed!

  6. We love the Blue Boar and they have an AMAZING breakfast and dinner! Glad you guys got a chance to get away. See you next weekend.