Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Finds in March

As a pregnant mama due in April, I am very much looking forward to turning the calendar! But until then, here's my list of cool finds in March...

Love H20 face products. When pregnant with my first child, I quickly learned how important it was to check the labels on the beauty/face products I was using to avoid any harsh chemicals like Salicylic Acid (they even say to avoid this if planning to become pregnant). Although my doc said small amounts of Benzoyl Peroxide is still ok, I wanted to go as all natural as possible and have really loved this all-natural Sea Mineral Mud Mask from H20 Plus. It does a wonderful job at giving my skin that much needed perk~ essential during this time of random insomnia and fluctuating hormones. (p.s. the mask is blue, so be prepared to look like a character from Avatar!)

Does your vacuum suck? I mean literally SUCK? Well, it should! 
Like many others, a few years ago we got sucked in (cheesy pun intended) to the fancy bagless vacuums that were all the rage. We had a mid-range brand that worked great for oh, say about the first month! It then did what *all bagless vacuums do which is collect dust that is impossible to clean out and therefore ever-present every time you vacuum. This eventually led to frequent overheating, even after repeated cleanings and filter replacements. Frustrated and annoyed, we decided it was time to invest in a quality vacuum. After a recommendation from my mom to check out Simplicity brand vacs, we found a local retailer (this brand of vac is only carried through local retailers since most will NOT carry bagless vacuums- a true insult to them), WIMMERS (745 N. Main St.) that let us try out all of their display models and really get the dirt (ha ha) on which ones cleaned best. We decided on the Standard Simplicity Symmetry model w/ tools in this beautiful coral color (another customer kept calling it orange, which I politely corrected him). WARNING: they're pretty pricey, but so, so, so worth it when you compare the other noisy, unreliable, and poorly made ones out there. Plus, ours came with a 2 yr warranty and bag refill discount card. We've had ours for about over a month now and are very, very happy with our really SUCKS!

I was a major skeptic when it came to Boogie Wipes because I originally thought they were just another unnecessary baby item in cute packaging and a funny/catchy name. BUT after my son recently had a major runny nose as one of his cold symptoms, I quickly learned how much he and I both hated rubbing his chapped and irritated little nose with a dry tissue. So, I bought these and surprisingly they're not that expensive, especially considering that they contain a bit of saline to help clear things up, provide just the right amount of moisture, and smell REALLY good.

I should dedicate an ENTIRE post to Curly Girl Design
I first discovered this artist when I picked up the above card at a boutique in Park City a couple of years ago. Her whimsical design, great use of color, and touching quotes really captured me, and I've been snatching up her cards wherever I can find them ever since. I just now discovered her blog, and online store. You should really check out her collection; I guarantee you'll come across something that phrases EXACTLY what you want to say in the most PERFECT, DELIGHTFUL, and ELOQUENT way.

Hello, aren't these THE most adorable rain boots you've ever seen? I spotted them at Target and knew I just had to pick up a pair for our son. Looking forward to splashing in some spring rain puddles with him one rainy day!

*Author Update: Based on a reader's comment, I now realize that my broad categorization of ALL bagless vacuums not working properly or not made of quality is unfair. What I should've stated is the particular brand and model of the one bagless vacuum that we owned and were unhappy with. While my Cool Monthly Finds posts are solely based on my opinion and particular product experience, I do strive for all content on this blog to be honest and fair. 


  1. Hopefully, you don't need another vacuum anytime soon, but if you do I love my Dyson! It has really sucked for the past 6 years! :)
    Also, Sam's has a 4-pack of boogie wipes for a good deal!

  2. I LOVE Boogie Wipes- we buy ours at Sam's and I carry them everywhere. I even have used them myself- they really work.

  3. You are cute. I don't know that my vacume sucks up anything. After having the curby guy come over and show me how dirty my floors are I am skeptical about my vacume.
    Haven't tried boogie wipes, like you just thought it was another one of those things. Good to know.