Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, remember that post I did months ago asking anyone if they'd be interested in starting up an online book club/discussion for Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol? Well, I finally finished it. I know I'm a super slow reader, but to my defense I am preg-o, mother to a very curious toddler, and this book was 500 + pages! For my review of this book click here.

Actually, in all honesty I'm a slow reader regardless of being pregnant, or being a mom. I'm a slow reader because I love taking in every last drop of what I'm reading, allowing the words to fully envelop me in the story. Anybody else like this? I know it's kinda weird, but I also have to finish everything on my day's to do list before I'll allow myself to read...kinda like I have to earn my precious reading time, which for me is a special indulgence. I also find that when I get really into a book, I'll start to narrate things I do throughout the day in my head similar to the writing style of the author. I will even post-pone finishing a book (sometimes when I only have like 10-15 pgs. left), because I don't want it to end! I keep thinking that I'll feel a sense of accomplishment (especially with the really long ones) when I'm done, but instead I feel a bit of sadness that puts me in kindof a funk for a few days because I'm no longer all wrapped in something I was really enjoying and almost a part of. I then go for a month or two of not reading any books (just skimming parts of books here and there or reading short articles in magazines), until I find it's time to really dedicate myself all over again. All odd, I know.

I did buy myself a copy of The Help which I've been hearing really, really good things about, so that's what's next up on my reading list. Until then, I'll be reading the 3rd Trimester portion of Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful and keeping busy with my "Things To Do Before the Baby Comes" list (future post on that!).

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