Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cool finds in December...

I'm sure you're all still recovering from the increased amount of sweets eaten over the holidays, but in case you're like me who likes to keep my pantry stocked with something yummy for just a nibble....then these cookies are it. They meet my all of my cookie requirements~ soft, not too rich, and tasty. I especially like this NEW kind by Keebler because since they're made with applesauce they have 25% less fat than the regular ones. Oh, and the oatmeal raisin kind is good too. ;) Speaking of cookies- Gingerbread cookies from The Sweet Tooth Fairy are so, so, so, so good. They're thick and soft, and just trimmed with a little bit of frosting (I don't like too much frosting). I must learn how to make 'um because I'd love for that to be a tradition I start with our kids (yes, I just said kids!) during this time of year.

Wanna know one of Jennifer Aniston's hair secrets? She uses a dollop of mousse in the crown (top portion of the head) of her damp hair. You then just mix in, add whatever cream/gel you do to the rest, blow dry, and ta da- your hair doesn't go flat on top. I've never been a big mousse user so at first I thought I had to buy expensive stuff at the salon. I recently just ran out and opted for a cheaper kind (found at the grocery store). After using the expensive stuff, I must say I'm MORE happier with John Frieda Bountiful Body Mousse Luxurious Volume than the stuff that costs 3x as much. Definitely a good find at around $5.

Oh, the things you learn as a first-time parent. 
Things like HYDROCORTISONE CREAM. Yes, apparently my husband and I are one of the few people who have never heard of this miraculous and non-smelly lotion, but are so glad we're in the know now because it totally cleared up our son's all-over rash that happened due to lack of moisture (very common in Utah). This stuff is about $5 for a Neosporin sized tube, and can be found at any pharmacy or grocery store. We plan to ALWAYS keep some of this around!

And last but not least, a set of 4 PLAID Martha Stewart Mugs from my sweet and thoughtful friend, Cherise. Perfect for me the plaid fanatic! Found at Macy's....and it looks like they're on sale now! Can't wait to enjoy some Irish Creme hot cocoa topped with my husband's homemade whipped cream....ummm, perfect for a snowy day like today.

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  1. I just bought some mousse thanks to your suggestion...I haven't used mousse in at least 10 years! I'll have to let you know how it turns out!