Monday, November 8, 2010

To Register or Not?

I guess I wasn't sure if second-time parents moms did baby registries or not, nor was I sure if I'd even have enough items to put on it. But, after thinking about it a little further, I realized there are a few basic necessities that would be very helpful for us to have, plus Christmas is coming up, so I did an online registry at Target for the baby & I, plus a few Christmas/Big Brother gift ideas for Benjamin. Why Target when we live in Logan? I've noticed that they often times offer free shipping and I found a few items there (and some cheaper) than at Baby R Us. Plus their baby themed giftcards have our theme of lil' peas in a pod...too cute!

Items that I consider necessities for the second-time around are....
  • double stroller (doubt this massive contraption will fit in my car, but this is more for me to have at the house for days when I need a walk!)
  • extra burp cloths and playpen pad/cover (I figure I'll have a lot less time for laundry...)
  • nursing bra (my other 2 look a bit worn out....)


  1. I don't think it ever hurts to have a registry since people always are wanting to know what you need/want. I just don't think anyone should ever register at Target. They have the worst return/registry policy and if a couple or new mom register at Target and another store, I always go to the other out of principle. Are you having another shower?

  2. We did our wedding registry at Target and had no problems whatsoever with returns/exchanges. I feel they're actually pretty lenient with how they give 90 days versus a lot of other stores that require 30 days like Motherhood Maternity! Now that's a store I avoid!!!

    As for showers- none that I know of...yet!

  3. I definitely don't see the harm in making another registry! I think it's a great idea!

    Another baby shower is something that I was curious about, too. I mean, do many people have baby showers for baby #2? I think a "meet the baby" shower would be a lot of fun, of course, after a couple of weeks.