Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's talk Jazz B-Ball

Shall we begin with their new old logo? At first it really surprised me but now I kinda like it because I think it goes better with their green accent color, even if the tie-in between Jazz music and Utah still makes no sense. For those of you who didn't know- the J was drawn to symbolize a musical note in reference to New Orleans (where we bought the team from) jazz music.

So- next up on my list of things to talk about are our new teammates. At first Jeffferson seemed a bit slow, but he seems to be getting into the Jazz groove of things. 20 yr. old Hayward (our first round draft pick) is already getting on my nerves as well as D-Will's. Did any of you see Deron putting him in his place during their second game? You better pick things up quick rookie- we gave up Sundiata Gaines for you! I'm liking Raja Bell. He hasn't made a huge impact yet, but seems to be a good team player. Millsap is playing like the true beast (meant in a good way) that he is. He has been a solid player for the Jazz and even scored 30 pts. again OKC! I like that he got right back out there on Wed.'s game after a sprained ankle too. SO unlike...well, I'll let all of you guess who I'm referring to (hint: rhymes with LOOZER...I can say that now that he left). Miles made 5 three-pointers that game too, and Price's left handed dunk at the end was just PRICEless! 

Saving the best for last....

Yes, it's true. Kirilenko is sporting a MULLET! 
Doesn't this picture just crack you up? Gotta love it baby.

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