Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 7

Wahooo! I'm halfway through my fun summer chip testing experiment. So far I've enjoyed it, and think visitors of our home have too, as I'm always offering a variety of chips to those who are interested in giving them a try! This week's flavor was an easy one as I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't like the traditional and good old stand-by flavor of Sour Cream n' Onion

I therefore give this flavor a nice 8. It's not re-inventing the wheel (we've all had this flavor by other brands before) but it does it very well and is sure to please a wide a variety of chip munchers. 

Sour Cream and Onion

 Sour cream and onion potato chips have been enticing taste buds since beehives and crew cuts were all the rage. As potato chip connoisseurs who crave perfect flavor, we just had to make a version of this long-time favorite. Starting with our special, sweet sour cream, we swirled in just the right amount of savory onion for a light and fresh twist on this chip classic. The result: a timeless favorite infused with Kettle Brand® style. Now creamier!

Next week's flavor...Sea Salt.

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