Friday, June 25, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 4

Well, I think we may just have a winner folks! What?! I know what you're all thinking, I still have 10 more flavors to go! I am in LOVE with this flavor though. It's sweet, flavorful, and doesn't leave your hands messy. Kettle's description of this flavor is right on with it making you feel right at home, and who doesn't secretly wish to find comfort in an indulgent bag of potato chips? To me, that's what makes the calories extra worth it! 

savory, satisfying GOODNESS

There are certain foods that just simply belong together, and make you feel right at home. That's how we felt when we combined the savory flavor of sweet onions, gently simmered in butter and a pinch of garlic, with the salty, golden crunch of our select potatoes. It offers up a whole new meaning to comfort food. Grab a bowl and make yourself comfortable. 

I therefore give this flavor a....10! So, if you love the crisp and sweet taste of onions (especially in the summer), then this flavor is for you! 

Next weeks flavor...New York Cheddar With Herbs

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  1. These caught our eye the other day, but we didn't buy them...guess we'll have to now!! Might just have to be a road trip splurge :).