Friday, June 11, 2010

Green Thumb

I decided to make do of this plastic lattice trimmed flower pot that we already had by buying, potting, and arranging some individual flowers for it. I bought this pot last May pre-filled with flowers (like I've always done), but they dried out and died by last fall. So instead of buying another pre-done arrangement, I got the urge to pick out some myself. 

I'm very happy with how this turned out, and I may have even sung them a lullaby as I tucked them in their moist little flower bed and kissed them each goodnight. 

I can't and won't take ALL the credit for this beautiful creation, as my husband is the one who directed me to find flowers suited for shade (since this pot sits on our shaded door stoop), and to leave enough room around the edge for them to grow.

Flower details: There are a total of 4 flowers in this pot. Three are Begonias which I learned are a perennial Hawaiian flower (which explains the GORGEOUS coral color of the biggest one!!!) and one tall and skinny purple one...well, unfortunately its tag got thrown away, but after looking around online, I've confirmed that it's some type of purple wildflower, and a perennial. I really like how it adds height and contrast to the plush Begonias.

As for the water all around the pot, no I didn't miss while watering it, we've had RAIN these past few days in...JUNE!  I really thought Mother Nature just really liked me since she did this same thing last year while I was pregnant, but now I'm thinking it's her way of making all the flowers look fresh and well-hydrated. Thank you again Mother Nature!

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