Monday, April 12, 2010

Post on P.J.'s

I figured since I spend up until 2:00 p.m. on some days quite a bit of time in my p.j.s/loungewear, that they ARE an important part of my wardrobe. Before motherhood I never paid that much attention to what I wore to bed, in fact I took pride in sleeping of the hundreds (not kidding) of random frat t-shirts that my husband had accumlated during his college years because what else were they to be used for? When I was pregnant I found a really cute MATCHING set of p.j.s that I bought for myself as a nice treat for my hospital stay. It turns out that I never wore them while there because I didn't want to ruin them, but guess what happened just a few months after....I ruined them! Yeah, somehow they got mixed in the wash with my deep red colored sweater, and well, I'm sure you can put the rest together. So ever since I've been on the hunt for some NICE p.j.s and it's been a lot harder than one would think!

Here's a list of my p.j. MUST HAVES:
  • Matching top and bottom (I like feeling like I'm somewhat pulled together!)
  • Breathable, soft fabric
  • Tasteful pattern or color
  • Easy access for nursing/stretch
So, who would've guessed that good ol' Sams Club has the cutest line of ESPRIT (flashback to the 80's girls with that brandname!) sleepwear. (Note: we only go there once every few months...and I did buy these back in Feb. so they may not be there any more) But, they're worth checking out to see if other random nice brands/styles come in. Here's the best pics I could get of them and no, they're really not that big. I got a size small, and they fit perfectly, (plus okay to do a full cycle in the dryer without the bottoms turning into floods) and have a nice stretch. I also love the color and pattern (as does my son!) and pink trim deail. Can't beat price at $19.99 to boot!

At the fabulous TJMaxx (speaking of discount stores, Logan has a new DRESS BARN...never been in one, but I'll do a later post on it!) I also found a really cute soft cotton black nightgown with lace trim by Lucy & Laurel. I couldn't find them online and after my last bad pic above, figured my description would do just as well). Last but not least, Smiths Marketplace has a decent sized p.j. dept. that I found some nice thermal nightgowns in. I thought maybe I'd get too hot in them, but so far so good. They were 50% off too since no longer in winter season. I also love their baby clothing dept. They have CARTERS galore and most of the time on sale too. ;) While on the topic of shopping finds, I'll also share this shopping secret to you ladies.....KOHLS is the BEST place to go for bras. I used to go to Victorias Secret, but after realizing that their stuff really isn't all that great of quality, I switched to Maidenform and am in love.

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