Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NBA Playoffs start this Sat!

If the above widget doesn't say it all, I'm a BIG TIME Utah Jazz fan. It started when I was pretty young, and in retrospect probably because I was trying to understand what the incensant yelling between my Dad and the T.V. was all about. At first only my brother would get to go the games at the good ol' Salt Palace with my Dad and Uncle, but later on the rest of my family would go to see them at the Delta Center. Now the stadium is called Energy Solutions Arena, but I still call it the Delta Center occasionally because I just think it sounds better and I have so many fun memories of games and concerts there. ;)  

One thing that hasn't changed about the Jazz is their impressive record of making it to the playoffs. I did some quick research and learned that from 1983-2003 they made it to the playoffs every year (that's a 20 yr. streak!). In 2004 they were still rebuilding the team since the retirement of both Stockton and Malone (who are both honored with life size statues and commemorative street names near the arena) and in 2005 we were lucky enough to get the talented addition of Daron Williams. Since then they've been able to make it back to the playoffs for the past 5 years, but still no championship...YET! 

Right now the Western Conference is VERY TIGHT. In fact, before last night we were tied in the #2 spot with the exact same wins/losses as Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns with only 1 game separating us from the Dallas Mavericks and just 4 games behind the attention hogged Lakers. CRAZY!!! So, the next two games we have left in the season are crucial as they will decide our fate for the upcoming playoffs starting this Sat. 

Think you're a BIG TIME Utah Jazz fan? Take this All About the Utah Jazz Quiz to find out! 

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  1. We THOUGHT we were big Utah Jazz fans - but were only able to achieve an average 7/10 score. Maybe next time I'll wait until half-time to take the test so I can concentrate.