Monday, April 19, 2010

Jazz 114...Nuggets...MEAN!

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a game. After having AK and Okur out on injuries, things weren't looking so good, but that uncertainty is what makes the PLAYOFFS so exciting!!! 

Fav. moments of the night:
  • BOOZER'S tough guy pose after slamming down shot in first quarter.
  • Harpring's commentary: "Good choice with Jeffers. He has really big hands. They're like MITTS!" Response to Phillips missing a shot after getting by on an unfair call on us..."You know what they say Boone, the ball never lies." Boone: "No, I haven't heard of that one before...." 
  • ALL of KORVER'S 3 pointers!!!
  • Bart (as in my husband) comments: "I swear Denver gets their players from the penitentiary." 
  • Williams playing hard, but fair. He is one solid and talented guy. Again to quote Harpring- PHENOMENAL!!!
Parting words to Denver who will now play the next 2 games on our court: WELCOME to UTAH!!! We JAZZ FANS are a LOUD and CRAZY bunch...especially come PLAYOFFS!

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  1. Great comments Kate! Loved the game. Your dad said "everytime Denver tried to get away, the Jazz would come in and make a big play. It was fun to watch." Charles Barkley said that the Jazz take on the personality of their coach. Coach Sloan is a screamer. Barkley went on to say that the Jazz may not win but he knew they would play hard - and they did.