Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miracle Sleeper

I try not to be That Mom who brags about her child ALL of the time, but my son's recent taking to sleeping 10-11 consecutive hours per night for the past month has got my husband and I all aglow. Yeah, people talk about a "pregnancy glow" but we think it should be called "parents who now get time to themselves and sleep a consecutive 8 hours every night glow!" I was cracking up when I found this image online because this is EXACTLY what Benjamin looks like when he sleeps. Bart jokes that it's like he's praying! We know babies are suppose to sleep on their backs, but we've talked to our dr. about it and he said as long as they're strong enough to lift up their heads and torso to roll over, they're fine. I do try to turn his head to the side at least, but he likes to keep his little legs tucked in close to his body. Hey- whatever makes him comfortable!

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