Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Local Birth Class Series


I received the below class information from the Association of Wise Childbirth. I personally have not attended any classes held by Sher before (classes held at her home in North Logan), but have heard really good things about her. As Sher states below, they're for anyone who's interested in learning more about birth, regardless is you're expecting yet or not! If you're interested in getting on their mailing list, you can send an email to: They also have a blog: 

I am a former midwife and have been teaching birth classes since the mid-1970's.  My experience of birth is that it is a beautiful and exhilarating,as well as very normal, event that works wonderfully well most of the time if we only know how to support our bodies in accomplishing it.  The remarkable thing is that there is a great deal more you can do to make that happen than you might have supposed!  I am happy for this opportunity to share what I've learned over these many years with you!

This class series provides the skills you need to understand how labor works and how we can assist it to deliberately create a truly optimal birth experience. These skills will serve you no matter where or with whom you give birth. Our bodies know how to give birth to our children and with some common sense assistance everything should go beautifully! I think it is useful for everyone involved with your birth to have the same information and skills you are learning so that they are able to support you. With that in mind then, I welcome anyone else who will be attending your birth to join you in the class, if you would like to include them. If you are a parent who will be assisting daughters or daughters-in-law with their births in the future, this information will be as valuable for you as it is for the women who are currently expecting. Likewise, if you are not yet expecting but are anticipating that you will be some time in the future you are also welcome. Actually being able to prepare for an optimal pregnancy and birth well ahead of time is probably one of the wisest things you could do.  All are welcome!

Note:  All classes are on Wednesdays from 6 to 9:30 pm at my house. The cost of the class series is $80, which can be paid at once or a little at a time. You can bring anyone involved with your birth withyou to the classes for free and you can return for free to any individual class or even the full series in the future, for review. Give me a call 435.753.7207 if you think you will be attending, though you can also come if you're unable to contact me before hand. I think we should have room for as many as should wish to attend. 

Class 1   March 3rd - Vital nutrition for the 
prenatal period as well as for labor itself. Important tips for the rest of the pregnancy up through onset of labor.
Class 2   March 10th - 
Labor and Delivery.  Essential skills for creating the most efficient and comfortable labor and birth possible.
Class 3   March 17th - Tips for handling variations in labor patterns and complications.
Class 4   March 24th - Completing the birth, postpartum and topics related to newborn care.
Class 5   March 31st - In this class we catch up on whatever we didn't fully discuss previously and answer questions on anything you can think of.

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