Monday, December 28, 2009

Mr. Men & Little Miss

Bart and I have been looking forward to sharing our love for books and reading with our son. We accumulated a bookshelf full of books before he was even born (thanks mom & dad), and now after Christmas, he has received many more (thanks Uncle Chris & Katie).
I was beyond estastic when I found the collection of Mr. Men & Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves in the Land Of Nod Christmas catalog this year because they're what I grew up on, and the style of writing is so cute. So- I ordered 10 of the Mr. Men books for Benjamin.
I know the above graphic is a bit small, so here's a link to a fun website: where you can meet all of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, and even play some fun games! Isn't it great to be a kid again?


  1. Ethan LOVES these books and yes, it it so much fun to get to share some of your great childhood memories with your kids!

  2. My mom got me Streganona for Christmas, a book I used to read with my dad, and I can't wait to have a child to share it with :)