Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love of Blogging and '09 Movie Picks

I just watched the movie Julie & Julia last night (hence my font selection for this post). I was impressed with the true stories, and of course, the very believable acting by both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.
While watching it, I found myself a bit more drawn to Julie than Julia, but maybe that's because I don't think that I'll ever become that great of a cook, but hope to one day become a better and more recognized writer.
Another thing that I loved about this movie is the way that it involved blogging, like the way that the movie "You've Got Mail" included e-mail as a part of its storyline. There is this feeling of freedom and release that comes from hitting the PUBLISH POST button on blogs, similar to the feeling of novelty, delight, and wonder that you feel when you see the unopened mail icon in your inbox.
I completely related to the way Julie described blogging as a way to check out from her day-to-day world, and publicly share her thoughts. There is a very healthy aspect to writing- even if only for a few moments, as it allows us time to reflect and make sense of things.
Here's some of my other 2009 movie picks from the art critic in me:
  • Last Chance Harvey~ (I liked its realistic portrayal of relationships involved in a divorced family. Dustin Hoffman also has such a likable charm about him, and to me, Emma Thompson is always so thought provoking.)
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic~ (I know this one got pretty bad reviews, but I LOVED the star, Isla Fisher. She really proved her ability to successfully pull off drama and comedy, and that to me made up for the predictable plot.)
  • 500 Days of Summer~ (I had some problems with Zooey's character, but really enjoyed the split screen, and fresh approach to a different kind of love story. Bart really liked it too.)

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