Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go TWINS!!!!!

Yes, I'm aware that many find it pretty random when I tell them that I'm Minnesota Twins fan, but in my family it's pretty much a given at birth. With a Dad from South Dakota, he grew up following them since they were the closest city with a major league baseball team. He has since passed down his love to my mother, siblings and I, along with the Minnesota Vikings (this one never took for me since I don't really consider football a sport ;)) and the Utah Jazz (this one makes sense since they're local).
I'm glad I have a passion for sports. I've always been athletic, and was a cheerleader throughout jr.high/high school so I know what a thrill it is to be in the heat of good game and feel the exhilaration of a winning point!


  1. Hey Kate,

    I was just curious why you don't consider football a sport? I think it's the greatest team sport out there and so I was interested to hear your thoughts :)

    By the way, got yur announcement yesterday. They are so cute! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

  2. Good question Lauren. Harmon and I actually battle this out every football season as he tries to persuade me to like it (or at least acknowledge it) but my reasons stay the same- to me it's just too barbaric to have men tackling each other as they simply run up and down a field while throwing and catching a ball. The rules also make no sense (even after I've had people explain them over and over to me and tried playing myself in Powder Puff in high school).

    I know many say it's just like soccer, which I don't mind, but I've just never been able to get into it. So- as I write this I realize that it's probably not fair to say that I don't consider it a sport, just that I don't appreciate it.

    We should all go to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game next summer.... I can already tell that Benjamin is liking baseball!

  3. I can totally understand you not appreciating it because honestly I didn’t appreciate it until I was actually there watching the games. There is something about being in the stands and getting into it though that brings the game to life. I would love to attempt to explain the rules in girl-speak sometime, if you are interested. Harm knows a lot, almost too much about football and sometimes I don’t even understand what he is talking about. I just think if you know the general rules, it’s easier to enjoy.

    What I really appreciate about football is that there isn’t one player that is the main focus and that carries the team. Yes, the quarterbacks get a lot of recognition but they couldn’t do it without every other person on their team. I also enjoy college football over NFL, A. because every game counts and B. I love to see underdogs succeed. It was truly one of the coolest experiences of our lives to witness The Utes, the underdogs, win the Sugar Bowl.

    A Bees game would be lots of fun next year! I will warn you though, I don’t appreciate baseball. I just like to go for the hotdogs and ice-cream :)