Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Sandals

If there's one thing Bart & I love about the summer, it's the freedom of any kind of slip-on shoes. Just recently I had to replace Bart's tattered up and almost destroyed pair of flip flops which wasn't any easy task since these shoes were a gift from his Dad who found them at some random surf shop California. But of course, I did what any caring wife would do and investigated the now bearly visible brand: Cobian, online. I was very pleased with what I learned about the company. As taken from the "About Us" area of The company's two part goal was based solely on the product: first the sandal design must be clean, unique and stylish; second, the sandals must be made from the most durable and resilient materials available in the world while also maintaining the highest levels of comfort.

The last part: "highest levels of comfort" is what completely sold my husband on them. After some vendor searching online (you cannot buy them directly from their website) I successfully found replacement Cobians for him at and Even though they have more male styles, I checked out some of their female styles which look pretty cute too. Once his replacements arrived I tried them on, and I too find them incredibly comfortable- not like any other flip flop I've worn before! 

The only other time I've felt this excited about a super comfortable shoe is Clarks (brand from England). Funny enough, within days of all of this Cobian activity/talk, writes an article entitled: "Admit It- you used to wear Crocs" This inspired me (as often does) to create this post about summer shoes in general. So yes, I do admit to having a pair of Crocs, a pair that was purchased in Colorado (where they were first sold) by my sister who lived there in 2005. I proudly sported them for a good year, then after they totally took off, slowly moved them to the back of my closet. I now agree with this article that yes, they are ugly, and are probably best suited for a quick run to grab the mail, gardening, or any other activity where people shouldn't be judging your attire. Just ask Stacy & Clinton of What Not To Wear, they absolutely despise Crocs! This article mentions Crocs attempts at introducing newer styles (see image featured above) which totally cracks me up- a high heeled Croc....I wonder what they'll think of next!

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  1. Before I read your post and from just looking at the picture I was thinking "poor kate, what is she wearing these days"?! SO glad to see that you aren't going to be buying those hideous shoes!! Ethan still LOVES crocs. The only ones I will buy for him are the camo ones. I justify it in that at least they are not the bright orange, green or red ones that the kids around here wear. We are about 2 years behind the times here...kinda nice for me since I haven't been shopping in that long!