Friday, July 24, 2009

Volunteering Made Easy

Here's some links to websites that match local organizations in need of volunteers with volunteers.
I just found a posting that I'd like to pursue ~ I encourage you all to check these sites as well if you're willing to donate your time, but don't know where/how to start.


  1. Those are great sites! Volunteering can be a daunting task if you don't know how to start! Where will you be volunteering?

  2. I was involved in Big Birothers Big Sisters when in SLC, but since they don't have an office here in Logan, I've been looking into The Boys & Girls Club and/or becoming a Community Coordinator for Education Travel & Culture (ETC). This position would help foreign exchange students become more familiar/comfortable in the community.

    I know that you and Mike do a lot of volunteering too with MS and The Sharing Place. That is so great. I really admire people who give service.

  3. I can recommend another great idea...volunteering with children/teens with disabilities. The rewards back to you are amazing and the teens get strong role models and a sense of inclusion. It's a win/win situation foe everyone.