Monday, July 13, 2009

And the results are in!

Tori & Dean and The Bachelorette tied at 50% each, Jon & Kate at 25% and no votes for the The Kardashians (or no one wanted to admit it!). Looking back to when I decided to create this poll, I realized that I'm not quite sure why I did. I think I've been trying to figure out for some time now just why I spend my time with such silly things like watching these shows, as I think it must be for more than simple entertainment purposes. I then begin to wonder, are these shows in fact really entertaining? They must be, or we wouldn't watch them, right? When I think of entertaining, I have pretty high standards of what I consider to be real entertainment. Yes, I too can become amused at the stupid little things, but to call something/someone entertaining in my mind implies some sort of talent. With talent in mind, how many of these shows are worth watching because of the talented directors/producers who have created them,or do I dare say because of their talented participants? It definitely ruins the alluring thrill behind the point of reality t.v. if we admit that the "reality" is really t.v. executives scripting everything. We'd all be lying if we let ourselves believe that they don't have some hand in it though. Going back to my poll, I allowed people to vote for more than one reality show because I know that I personally watch more than one, but upon further thought, I think Tori & Dean is my actual favorite because unlike the other shows I listed, these two main participants were both on t.v. as actual actors before their show (yeah, I know it's still up in the air if we can actually consider Dean as an actor). Their previous Hollywood affiliations somehow comforts me, because I already know that Hollywood is a deluded mess and from what their show portrays, they are a deluded mess in their personal life too, so I like watching them because I know that I am viewing them REALLY being themselves and their kids (although very cute) most likely would have abnormal lives regardless if their parents included them on their show or not. Jon & Kate Plus 8 on the other hand shows exactly how everyday people who enter into fame with no real prior acting/fame experience can go disastrously bad. In our obsessive celebrity driven culture, I really do think there are people out there who would do anything to become a celebrity (regardless of a good or bad one) all for the chance to gloat in meaningless fame. What a lot people are saying now about Jon & Kate is that it's incredibly sad for their children. I agree with this because I think these kids (although part of an unusual situation) had a chance at growing up somewhat okay before this show. Yes, I do realize that Kate was borderline crazy as the show began (thanks for creating such a bad connotation to the name, Kate!), but I still think kids from a large family with a crazy mother have a better chance at leading good lives than kids from a large family of crazy parents who exploited them on television for money and fame and later got divorced. As for The Bachelorette, I have tried quitting this show season after season, (having physical convulsions to the shows finale's is not a good thing), but somehow they keep bringing me back. Each season I try to justify my loyalty based on who the "star" bachelor or bachelorette is- but as Jason from last season proved, they all go through the same cycle of famedom and come out as losers! I'm still trying hard to like Jillian as much as I did while she was a contestant on Jason's season, but it seems her real self is quickly slipping away too....alas, will they/I ever learn? I don't really have any comments for The Kardashians other than the premise of 5 sisters somewhat reminds of Pride & Prejudice. Will the drama ever end? I think not, but again, none of them seem foreign to the Hollywood scene which makes this one somewhat tolerable too. So- take what you will from my reality show flood of thoughts. Maybe what I really wanted this poll to prove is that I'm not the only one who wastes my time on such nonsense and that therefore makes this embarrassing vice of mine okay? I also think that there is something therapeutic about watching people sell their soul when you know there isn't any amount of fame and money that could make it all worth it. That grounds me. I think that even if my life is glamourLESS (by Hollywood's standards), it's still mine- all mine! I know what you're all thinking....after this revealing exposition will I continue to watch shows that have such obvious follies? (Bart's hoping for a no here), yeah, I probably will. Just be prepared for my Freudian analysis of it all in a future's the only way I can reclaim some of my brain cells lost by watching hours of mindless reality t.v.

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