Thursday, January 15, 2015

Latest Loves of Winter

Did you all have a fun Christmas? A major highlight of mine was getting my children's photographs (read all about it here) as well as my husband surprising me with this below H&M blouse. I was so ecstatic I think I cried...I guess it had been awhile since I had felt that special! I know- sleeveless is not what you'd expect to see during winter time here in Utah, but I wore it with a black blazer to my in-laws holiday party with some red lipstick and felt soooo drastically different from my usual look of thermals and Sorels. I decided it's a good change to feel a bit glam every so often!

Next up is this amazing robe + slippers by Restoration Hardware from my mom and sis. I'm so grateful that they think of me while they hit up all the cool shops in SLC. :) I've been wearing the slippers non-stop (decided slippers are like gloves and don't know what you've been missing until you find the PERFECT pair that are comfortable and keep you toasty warm).

Hotel Satin Stitch Cotton Bath RobeLuxury Plush Slippers

Confesstion: I spend a good amount of my day in pj pants. Yep, I do. Between changing diapers, hauling laundry, making meals, and playing with my kids, I like to be comfortable. In the past I've gone to JCREW for a real quality pair, but these from Eddie Bauer are cheaper and just as good!

Remember that super in-depth report I did about jeans last year? Well, I'm back with a new pair. It's the Curvy Straight Leg Jeans- StayShape by Eddie Bauer. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you to be shopping at Eddie Bauer for jeans, but after my new found love with their pj pants, I hopped aboard their jean wagon and REALLY REALLY REALLY love this pair. If you're curvy but still like the look of a straight leg/skinny jean with comfort and style at a good price (plus they come in short) you should definitely consider these!

Lastly are these Pro Meal bars that I found on display in the cereal aisle at Lees. I'm so all about satisfying hunger while staying healthy and on-the-go and these are doing just that! They come in a lot of different flavors and are soft and chewy. Yum yum! 

K, that's it for now....gotsa go to the grocery store. Wish me luck- I'll be traveling with a cart full of kiddos! :O

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  1. I might have to check out those jeans! LOVE that they come in short :)