Monday, December 15, 2014

A separate post

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently purchased a piece of furniture that I've really been liking a lot. So much so, I've decided its worthy of it's own separate post!

Below is a photo taken from our dining area. I like how this room flows directly into the living room (where carpet is) as well as the kitchen (to the right). The deep gray tile is not something I would've chosen, but is very durable and hides EVERYTHING = very good for families with small children. ;) The one hard part is the size of this far as dining goes, it's adequate, but see that door to the right? That is the door that leads to our garage, and to the left of the window are the doors that lead to out backyard = major walkways/traffic zones! :O

Since we always seem to be running SOMEWHERE, I placed a large basket by the back door to house all of our shoes (see in bottom left of photo below) BUT- with 5 of us, at 2 shoes for each of our pairs of shoes, it was just a mess of a situation when we either all needed to get to our shoes at once, or dig for a certain pair.

I shall now introduce to you shoe organization at its finest......

            This piece was actually was labeled as a "Media Console" by Downeast Outfitters (where it was sold for $250, but I got for $200 due to the Black Friday sale...only thing wrong with it was that it was missing the dowels to place the interior shelves on, but that was a easy fix with just cutting down a 1/4" wooden dowel from Home Depot for a $1).
I knew it was going to work perfect for our space due to it's deep size (as you can see it's doing double rows of the kids shoes on the bottom shelf, plus perfect height (clears the chair rail and allows for more shoes to be displayed on top shelves such as flats and Elyse's shoes) and the sliding doors make it so we don't have to allow for clearance for any baskets to be pulled out or doors opening outwards- genius! The baskets on the top are right now being used for the kids outdoor stuff (such as mittens, gloves, hats) and the larger baskets houses library books and backpacks. I love how everything is still very accessible but not so visible.

 Oh, and this Good Earth light fixture is a newer update for us as well a few months back. I'm such a fan of updating light fixtures....they are a HUGE bang for your buck!!! Bart was such a pro about installing it too....don't you love guys who can switch out a light fixture?! ;)

 May you all enjoy peace in your days!

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