Monday, November 3, 2014

Sea Salt

"I could honestly LIVE in here!"
 - me to my husband after he painted our upstairs bathroom 

I've always liked our main floor guest/children's bathroom because after living in townhomes I was really sick of the closet-sized powder rooms that were always stuffed in a hallway off the kitchen. When we were checking this home out to buy it, I remember thinking that this bathroom was a good size with a good layout, nice plumbing fixtures, and new tile, just in need of some minor updating (don't forget to scroll down to the very bottom for the before pics- you'll die when you see the wallpaper that was in here before! :O) which we were able to do this summer for under $400!

Ahhhh, refreshing Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Thanks to my good friend Tami, I knew deep in my bones that this was going to be the PERFECT color for our bathroom....we didn't even bother with any paint samples, just went full gusto with a gallon of it (which I luckily got on sale at 35% off!). Delta Light fixture is a steal of deal in my opinion. Soooo much better than those awful Hollywood style light bulbs mounted on oak wood. We found ours at Lowes for only $98 (-$25 coupon I had = $73!).

note: the door and trim work (which we did not paint) do not look that ivory in person. ;)
I love this paint color because to me it's the perfect mix of greenish blues with even some gray in it making it refreshing + modern. I therefore HIGHLY recommend this color for EVERYONE to use ANYWHERE!!!! How many paint colors do you know of that are that wonderful and that versatile? Even the guy at Sherwin Williams told me numerous times how this is one of their most popular colors!

Oh, and about that mirror....don't you love now crisp and clean it makes this bathroom look? I actually found it in the home decor section at Lowes by allen + roth but since its large size was right for our long vanity, I decided it was the best choice for a true stand out feature in this room. Once we got it hung up, we realized that it was the perfect compliment to our chunky framed octagon window located on the opposite wall. We originally had it hung a bit higher, but then lowered it once we realized our kids couldn't see themselves in it....small detail, right? ;)

close up of shower curtain meeting our newly painted wall
I almost screamed right in the middle of Kohls when I came across this striped shower curtain....couldn't believe how perfectly it matched our paint color while drawing in the browns from the tile and counter top.

Towel hook rack found online here. We originally had the Delta brand brushed bronze towel rack that went with our other brushed bronze accessories, but returned it after I pictured our children hanging from it and am so glad we found this one because I love the looks of hooks and how we don't have to fuss with keeping them folded ever so perfectly (this is the bathroom our kids use after all). Towels (love their tabs!) are from my sister bought from IKEA.

CraftMei Etsy print "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

 Print taken by me of Bart and the boys at Bear Lake. Sooooo proud to have my first b+w photo framed in our home! Frame from Hobby Lobby.

Ahhhhh! Woah plaid, right?

Here's the close-up my that I know my sister would want me to include....
Yes, they are of OUTHOUSES or THE OLD BACK-HOUSE, whichever term you prefer. :O

Thankfully, the wallpaper came down soooo much easier in this room than it did in our kitchen. Like, just peeled off in nice big sheets after only being sprayed down with water! The only problem was that the part from the border up was recently painted leaving a texture difference between that newer paint and the paint underneath the wallpaper so it required A LOT of sanding (all by hand by my AMAZING husband). 

Total Bathroom Update Costs:
Gallon of Sherwin Williams environmentally friendly paint in Sea Salt....$35
Light fixture.....Lowes $98 (I got for $73)
White wood framed mirror....Lowes $77
Rubbed bronze Delta Providence Venetian hand towel holder, toliet paper holder, shower curtain rod, shower curtain circles....Lowes $80
Amerock rubbed bronze towel hook rack....Amazon $30
Sonoma Life + Style Torrance shower curtain.....Kohls $59 (coupon + Kohls cash, so I got for $35)
Frames....Hobby Lobby $30
Seagrass basket (our baby wipe holder hider)....TJ Maxx $5

 GRAND TOTAL OF....$365!

What a great bang for our buck! Now all the wallpaper that's left is a border found in our family room in the basement....let's just say if you were ever hankerin' for a stay in a log cabin at Bear Lake, our room would be the place to fulfill this fantasy for you. ;)

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  1. LOVE IT! Our kitchen has plaid wallpaper...soooo I can't wait for it to come down, but first up? Laundry room!