Monday, September 15, 2014

Have to share this....

This site to learn all about Net Neutrality and do something about it (even if that means leaving a message on your congressman's answering machine). I'm the first to admit that I'm kinda out of it when it comes to staying current on the news (terrible, I know!) but thankfully my husband keeps me abreast on the latest issues and problems going on, and I'm here to report that: THIS ONE IS A BIGGIE. It really does upset me whenever I learn how greedy and unfair corporations can be, making it very necessary for us to voice our voice!

This beautiful look (make sure you scroll through all the slides with the arrows on the top) into actress Julie Bowen's life as a mom. I found the photography stunningly real and incredibly sweet, and found her outlook on motherhood refreshing and fun. I can sooooo relate to her and so many of her comments....especially the one about her wanting to be given food in pill-form like Judy Jetson and how a crisis involving her kids happens every second....boy can I relate there! ;)

This book on marriage. I love the simple but valuable insight it shares and how applicable it is to single, engaged, newly-wedded, or married folks. I'll be giving this out as future wedding gifts for sure. Today my husband are celebrating our 7 year anniversary! We had the pleasure of going out on Saturday afternoon for a date mini-golfing (thanks to my dad frequently taking us as children, I've always had a love for it) and dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Le Nonne ~ it was lovely!

Hope you all have a fantastic week ~ the weather has been quite perfect out lately!

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  1. Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been SEVEN years! :)